Discussing Dementia Fears – Study

A third of those who have noticed symptoms of dementia in themselves or a loved one are waiting over a month to discuss the matter, according to a new survey. Marking Dementia Action Week 2023, the Alzheimer’s Society’s survey found just 15% of those with concerns over symptoms brought the issue up straight away. What’s more, 11% […]

What is a Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust?

When writing your Will, you may include a Trust for certain portions of your estate, such as cash gifts or property. Alternatively, you may be acting as an Executor or Trustee for a Will that includes a Trust. One type of Trust is a Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trust (NRBDT). This blog will answer frequently asked questions about this type of […]

What to do when someone dies

What to do when someone dies 8 steps to take following someone’s death When someone close to you dies, it can be difficult working out what to do and in what order. The process can be broken into eight stages: Getting a medical certificate – this is required to register the death. If the person […]

What Happens to Premium Bonds After Death ?

A Premium Bond is an investment product held with the government by National Savings and Investment (NS&I). The government pays interest on these Bonds, and this interest is distributed by a lottery in a monthly prize draw. A cash prize can be anywhere between £25 and £1 million and is free of tax. Prizes are […]

LPA applications up 19% year-on-year

    The number of Last Power of Attorney (LPA) registrations in England and Wales is continuing to soar, new data released by the Ministry of Justice has revealed.   n July to September 2022, there were 201,121 LPAs registered, up 19% compared to the equivalent quarter in 2021. This continues the trend highlighted in […]

FCA confirms list of regulated funeral plan providers

The regulation of the funeral plan market proposes to provide better safeguards for consumers, including a ban on cold calling and commission paid to intermediaries, and high standards on governance and financial resilience. Regulation will also provide a more formal redress scheme through the Financial Ombudsman Service and will be covered by the FSCS if […]

FCA names funeral plan providers who are NOT authorised

The Financial Conduct Authority has published a list of 14 funeral plan providers who will not be authorised to sell new funeral plans once the new regulatory changes take effect from 29th July 2022. Reiterating the forthcoming changes, the FCA stated that “only funeral plan providers that we’ve authorised, or their Appointed Representatives (intermediaries who can […]

Can property improvements and upgrades be made during estate administration?

Our latest informative blog is authored by Jim Sisson, Chief Financial Officer at Tower Street Finance.  When someone dies, the beneficiaries may want to make improvements to the property to increase its value and their inheritance. This begs the question – can improvements or upgrades be made to a property during the estate administration process? In our latest blog, […]

Can probate fees be paid from the estate?

When dealing with the death of a loved one, many Executors find themselves worrying about the costs of administering the estate and how fees can be paid. Acting as an Executor or Administrator is not a paid role, and it’s common to feel concerned that it may leave you out of pocket. In this blog, […]

What happens to crypto assets when someone dies?

It’s not unexpected that managing a loved one’s digital assets after their passing is a duty that is becoming more and more prevalent as more and more areas of our life transfer to the digital realm. Due to its rising popularity, cryptocurrency is a digital asset that frequently makes news. Due to cryptocurrency’s early development […]